Decisions Made Social!

UnstuQ is a Social Decision-Making app that makes decision-making fun, fast and enjoyable. Go solo or decide with friends.


Our amazing features.

Build Your Crew

Register, add a crew and invite anyone, it could be friends, family or loved ones.

Custom Search

Have something cool in mind? Create your own custom search then.

Push Notifications

Create a search, add a crew, invite anyone and leave the rest to us, we will prompt your crew members for their responses.

Take Me There

Don’t bother if you do not know where your match is, the navigation feature will take you there.

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Some frequently asked questions.

UnstuQ is the solution to the very relatable problem of being put on the spot by your partners, friends, family and acquaintances to make a decision on things like places to eat, social activities, and movies to watch.

Simply put, UnstuQ is like "tinder or bumble" for food. Create an account, add your inner circle and friend groups to your crew and start swiping to decide UnstuQ works by providing great options to couples, families, buddies from work and groups of friends to vote on. All you need to do is Swipe Left or Right while selecting your preferred option and matching as a group similar to how it works in a dating application.

UnstuQ works across the globe for anyone. If there's restaurants, adventure and activities, we will always have something to offer in the fun decision making process.

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